Updated in October, 2020

Artist statment

Being able to look at things as both an outsider and an insider provides me with the opportunities to look at things from different – sometimes opposite -perspectives. This experience makes me ask questions such as why and how these differentiations happen and most of the time, I realize that my questions may not have a straight answer. I include these thoughts and observations in my works to open up the possibility for a variety of interpretations.

I like to explore different media for different projects so that the material and the technique complement and enhance the content of the work. Some of the media I often work with include: printmaking, installation, drawing, and performance. For me, the practice, and the labor input are as important as the finalized work itself. I often find new inspirations and solutions to problems during my working process. Therefore, I want to be open to experiment with different materials and techniques during my practice, which often leads me to unexpected results.

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