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Clara Wang (王晓丹) was born and grew up in Beijing, China, and she came to the United States to pursue education at the University of Pittsburgh. Her experience of living in two countries with really different social environments allows her to experience and perceive the cultural differences closely, and this has a significant impact on her artistic practice and artworks. In many of her works that she created since arriving in the United States, her main focus has been on the topic of how identity is constructed and affected within different cultural contexts and how people approach and process these cultural differences from varied perspectives. Her art history background also allows her to review her own artistic practice and artworks from a historical and institutional perspective which helps her better understand the role of artists in society when creating the works. She currently lives in Pittsburgh and expects to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2022 with a double degree in studio arts and art history. After graduating she plans to move to another area to pursue a MFA degree, and continues seeking for new inspirations and experience for her artistic career.


Wechat: Buckwheat3401