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A Bath

Cellophane, static and water / 2020

This site-specific installation started with the intension of making something simple and visually pleasing that the audience can just experience the work without the need or pressure to consider the meaning. The work was installed in the cloister of Frick fine arts building not only because the artist spent most of her time there during school, but also because of the optical effect it provided. The space has a great natural light effect. The artist made the installation become a part of the space instead of just being in the space by attaching different colors of square cellophane by water – both are inexpensive material – on the window in the cloister. The light changes to different colors when it projects through the cellophane. The cellophane was wrinkled intentionally to make the audience be aware of its materiality and impermanence.

Special thansk to Delanie Jenkins for helping with installing the work and to Sylvia Rhor for providing the tool. Also a special thanks to Naomi Chambers’ comment about the work, her comment became the title of this work.